Heart Strength Energy

The power of leading with your Heart!


Heart Strong Pendant #2

Last Monday I took a step into uncharted territory and lead with my heart. The heart that has guided me through my entire life, the one that has connected me with my love of 20 years, the heart that has trusted in a lifestyle made from the art created by her and now by me. This heart that raised two amazing children and now is Hunny (Grandmother) to two amazing boys know as the Little Lockwood Brothers.

I had an amazing and supportive response to my news of donating 100% of the proceeds of the sale of my first Heart Strong pendant to the Children’s Heart Foundation. My heart was full of love and gratitude and continues to be as the inquires and questions pour into my FB feed and email!  Thanks to all those who shared and showed the love I reached over 3,499 people on my Circle Stone Designs FB page post!! That’s results from the heart!!

So I guess it’s time to clean up the details and make my heart a bit stronger. I am so grateful in knowing that my intention was received and appreciated in the most amazing way!

Finn’s Truth:

First and foremost I am doing this fund raising to donate to research for children’s Congenital Heart Defect (CHD), in honor of my Grandson Finn. He is approaching his 2nd birthday in March and is a strong and vibrant toddler! He was born with Ebstein’s Anomaly and will be facing a heart valve repair at some point in his life. Truth….the longer he can go without surgery the stronger he will become. So it’s a waiting game for him and the family. For now, he is perfect in every way!! Testing his boundaries and keeping up with his older brother Holden. IMG_3821

Details of the Heart Strong Pendants:

I had intended to only release a 1 unique pendant each Monday in order to raise 100% of the proceeds going directly to the Children’s Heart Foundation, but the inquiries and responses were such that NO was not in my heart!! So moving forward with great excitement here are the details.

  1. Each of 4 new designs released in February will have a numbered edition of 10 that will have 100% of the proceeds paid with a check to the Children’s Heart Foundation. Making your purchase 100% tax deductible.
  2. Checks for each necklace will be made out the Children’s Heart Foundation directly. I will collect them and send you the necklace that you have committed to purchase. Shipping charges of $10.00 if necessary will be paid to Circle Stone Designs in the form of an additional check.
  3. Once you notify me of your commitment and choice your hand crafted pendant will be shipped to you after I receive your checks.
  4. The first week in March I will send all of the donation checks along to CHF in honor of Finn Sawyer Lockwood’s name.
  5. Each pendant is hand made by me in my studio, so there might be slight variations due to my hand forging techniques. I attempt to make them as similar as possible without compromising my process. Satisfaction is guaranteed!
  6. I will only be offering one necklace option unique for each pendant design. If you prefer a different length then offered I am happy to make a substitution.

Heart Strong Pendant #2 Brass

With great excitement I present to you Heart Strong Necklace #2 created from thick brass and soldered sterling silver bail ring. This pendant is 2 1/8″ long and hangs from a 30″ stainless steel ball chain. Strong and rugged this pendant is hand forged with my signature pattern and left untreated the brass will oxidize naturally over time. It can be kept shiny by a polishing cloth or a scrub with a toothbrush with baking soda and water. Once again there are slight variations in every pendant, but I strive for a continuity even while I hand work each of my designs. $100 is the price of the necklace with the edition of all 10 being donated 100% that means $1,000 to CHF for CHD research!!!

As I continue my journey of giving back with my heart and Heart Strength creations this month, I am reminded of how important love, family & friends are. I have come to understand that immense feeling of gratitute once again for this Little Lockwood Family. Take a moment to reach out to those who need support. Sometimes its just a hug, a note or any small commitment to help someone can go a long way.


Thank you again for making this amazing journey of creativity and giving back with my heart’s strength possible!FinnHunny2016FEb




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Hammers, Maine Beach Stones and Tools of the Trade

I love Hammers

I love Hammers

I am a collector of things. Yes I connect with many objects whether it be of natural origin or of antique and vintage aged items, they infatuate and inspire me. They all have a story to tell, through their lines and markings  and worn areas, you are left to wonder what journey they have been through in their previous existence?

Forging 4g Wire Flat

Forging 4g Wire Flat

Working on a New Design Forged 4g strips & 14g rings

Working on a New Design Forged 4g strips & 14g rings

Work in Progress Links Necklace

Work in Progress Links Necklace

The stones that I am a drawn to have been part of the earth for more years than I can even fathom. I am forever imagining the paths they have taken while being tumbled by the ocean and from the depths of where they have come, only to be transported to the beaches via the rolling and often times crashing waves. These beach stones, beach rocks or, amazing treasures of the sea as I like to call them, are my inspiration daily. In order to showcase them in the way that I envision them I start with simple things, tools of my trade you would say, most importantly my hammers.

I am fortunate enough to have some very meaningful sources for my tools, as with my stones the story of how they came to me is as important as the hammer itself.  Each time I reach for my treasured ball peen hammer I remember that it is a tool that hung amongst the throngs of well-worn tools from my Father’s work bench. This man who willed me his passion to attempt to try anything, this mechanic who spent his life fixing anything and everything he could get his hands on. I feel his energy with the blows of the hammer and revel in the feeling that he is always watching me from his place high above and guiding me through my processes with both pride and criticism, of which I deserve both.

I have been given the privilege to live across the street from my partner Pam’s Grandfather’s house for 9 years now. His workshop is filled with tools that were from his father and his grandfather and so on. These hardy Mainers from Cushing & Thomaston were seafaring folk and their tools have stories that even I can’t imagine being a part of. Bump, as Pam would call her Grandfather, had many jobs in his 96 years of life, a few were working at the Bath Iron Works and the crew that constructed Maine Yankee in Wiscasset. He came to be a caretaker here on Montsweag Rd for the “summer people”, so each and every tool had a journey through many lives. Several of these treasures are in my possession and when I grip their aged handles I am reminded of his steadfast spirit and once again he shared my fathers ability to attempt most of any project.

I feed my soul with a good  “find” while visiting the Montsweag Flea Market as well as yard sales and other great antique markets all year-long. These tools are those I know no stories about, but from markings on the faces and surfaces I understand that each worn handle was held with a need, a passion to complete the task at hand. I have created patterns in the faces of some of these hammers and it is with that hammer blow I achieve my own unique and one of a kind texture. This hammer blow and the pattern it leaves behind brings me the joy of a job well done and I feel guided by everyone before me who has held each hammer in their hand.  Whether it be a carpenter, ship builder, mechanic, cobbler, farrier, iron worker, plumber or a woman like me who hammers silver, the energy they left behind is with me guiding me through each strike.

Tools are what allowed these people to problem solve and fix what was broken and build the foundation for projects both small and large. These same tools are now the tools of my trade along with some new purchases and I hope that someday they will part of someone elses life, so that they too can feel the energy that I have added and the passion I feel for each one’s unique shape, weight, age and smooth worn handles.

Creating Hand Forged Beach Stone Jewelry in my Home Studio




Elemental Designed Forged & Oxidized Silver and Maine Beach Stone Cuffs

Hand Forged & Oxidized Silver Rings with Maine Beach Stones

Re-purposed leather belts with Maine Beach Stones & brass rivets

Re-purposed leather belts with Maine Beach Stones & brass rivets

2013 has started out as a year of adjusting to changes.  The excitement of having a home/studio and creating my jewelry from a bench just steps from my garden, the chickens & beautiful Montsweag Bay is a wonderful thing!  The closing of The Creative Turtle after 5 seasons was a bittersweet moment in November of 2012, but a necessary step in my new path as a productive metalsmith.  I will miss the visits from amazing people in the gallery that were part of each day, but I will cherish the focus and quiet that I will have as I forge and design my silver pieces and drill my stones without interruption.  I have come to realize that focus is truly what is needed for completing my projects in a way that is not only enjoyable & efficient, but also affords me the ability to absorb my amazing environment and draw from it  all the while being able to do so at home.

After the year of many transitions and realizations in 2012, I am making plans for new shows, additional gallery & shop representation as well as new designs.  I added three very exciting new concepts to my work last year, Silver cuffs & rings that are hand forged and oxidized to highlight the patterns from my special hammer.  These pieces each incorporate the use of brass tube rivets as a focal point to compliment the beach stones.  I repeated this concept in the up-cycled leather belt bracelets that have been so successful for me and great price point as well as a fresh new look.  I find it important to remain challenged and excited by adding new creations to my repertoire of elemental designs.  I always keep in mind how to focus on the stones that I collect from the Maine coast and how I can highlight them while staying true to my organic style.  I am happy to say that I am satisfied with 2012 production and look forward to expanding in 2013 with so  much extra time on my hands with which to focus on my work.

I will start my shows off this year with a wonderful opportunity to show my work at Craft Boston this year in April. As a juried member of the Maine Crafts Association I will be exhibiting in a large shared booth opportunity in a market that I have been anxious to connect with.  Spring will bring a flurry of activity to get ready for this show as well as getting the studio ready for an Open Studio” event to be announced soon.  January and February is full of applying for shows and creating work for spring placement in new galleries and shops that provide exciting opportunities to expose many more people to my Beach Stone Jewelry.

I am looking forward to achieving the goal of a more regimented attempt at blogging, social media and staying ahead of the curve so that I can enjoy some time to feed my creative well.  Trips to the beach to forage for just he right amazing beach stones on the Maine coast as well as gardening, kayaking and taking care of the homestead will be high priority as well.  Most of all helping my partner Pam get well and make this the year of healing from Lyme after her long 4 year battle will be a constant in each of my days.

I want to thank everyone who has supported my journey through creativity and my attempt to create a life that is rich with nature and expression through my jewelry. Please share my blog with those you feel would enjoy my work and my words!

Here’s to 2013 a year to settle into a rhythm of creativity.

Juried Art, Design & Craft Shows for 2012

I have just updated my show schedule and am very excited to have added several shows to my list!!  I am honored to be juried into these shows and will look forward to connecting with new clients and collectors who have been so kind in their support of my work.  Check out the following links to see what show you might be able to attend and make sure that you stop by to say hi!!  Subscribe to my blog and I will give you 10% off your purchase at any show you purchase my work from.  This list will be growing so be sure to check out the blog and website for updates!!

Here is the list as it is today:

June 29-July 1, Maine Home & Design Show, Camden, Maine

July 21-22, Blue Hill Fine Craft Show. Blue Hill, Maine

September 8-9, Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival. Wells, Maine

September 15-16, Fall in the Village Art & Music Festival. Freeport, Maine

September 21-23, Common Ground Fair. Unity, Maine

November 9-10, The Gifted Hand. Ellsworth, Maine

November 16-18, Artful Gifts. Northport, Maine