I Heart Beach Stones

Up-cycled Leather Belt Beach Stone Bracelets

Up-cycled Leather Belt Beach Stone Bracelets

Heart Shaped Beach Stones & Beach Stone Rings

Heart Shaped Beach Stones & Beach Stone Rings

I love what I do. Simple times begin on Maine beaches looking for smooth, worn beach stones. I come across many different sizes, shapes and colors, but am always amazed each and every time I am graced with a heart-shaped stone. It is not whether it is a perfectly shaped heart, it is simply that the shape evokes an emotion.  A feeling that the symbolism of a heart signifies love in so many ways.  Love of beaches, the earth, nature, my partner, my dogs, my family, my friends, each of these connections are evoked when I find a heart stone nestled among the many other shaped stones on the beach.

Treasured and collected by many, heart-shaped beach stones are revered because they are created by the crashing of the waves, the rubbing together against other rocks and worn smooth by more years than I have been on this earth.  I revel in the shape that nature has bestowed upon this simple stone, one that is not common.

When I bring my hand-picked stones home from my excursions I am able to recount the days and time spent on the beach and the moments of excitement I felt when these special stones were chosen for my collection. When I analyze how to drill them and in turn what to create from these treasured heart stones I then am able to share with others the love I feel.

As Valentine’s Day approaches I look back on the heart stone necklaces & bracelets that I have created and those who purchased them. Sometimes they are purchased as gifts of love, sometimes by collectors who just can’t get enough of the heart-shaped stones. No matter what the reason I understand the draw of the shape and the sentiment behind the love of this simple beach stone.

From my Collected Work

From my Collected Work


Juried Art, Design & Craft Shows for 2012

I have just updated my show schedule and am very excited to have added several shows to my list!!  I am honored to be juried into these shows and will look forward to connecting with new clients and collectors who have been so kind in their support of my work.  Check out the following links to see what show you might be able to attend and make sure that you stop by to say hi!!  Subscribe to my blog and I will give you 10% off your purchase at any show you purchase my work from.  This list will be growing so be sure to check out the blog and website for updates!!

Here is the list as it is today:

June 29-July 1, Maine Home & Design Show, Camden, Maine

July 21-22, Blue Hill Fine Craft Show. Blue Hill, Maine

September 8-9, Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival. Wells, Maine

September 15-16, Fall in the Village Art & Music Festival. Freeport, Maine

September 21-23, Common Ground Fair. Unity, Maine

November 9-10, The Gifted Hand. Ellsworth, Maine

November 16-18, Artful Gifts. Northport, Maine