Creating Hand Forged Beach Stone Jewelry in my Home Studio




Elemental Designed Forged & Oxidized Silver and Maine Beach Stone Cuffs

Hand Forged & Oxidized Silver Rings with Maine Beach Stones

Re-purposed leather belts with Maine Beach Stones & brass rivets

Re-purposed leather belts with Maine Beach Stones & brass rivets

2013 has started out as a year of adjusting to changes.  The excitement of having a home/studio and creating my jewelry from a bench just steps from my garden, the chickens & beautiful Montsweag Bay is a wonderful thing!  The closing of The Creative Turtle after 5 seasons was a bittersweet moment in November of 2012, but a necessary step in my new path as a productive metalsmith.  I will miss the visits from amazing people in the gallery that were part of each day, but I will cherish the focus and quiet that I will have as I forge and design my silver pieces and drill my stones without interruption.  I have come to realize that focus is truly what is needed for completing my projects in a way that is not only enjoyable & efficient, but also affords me the ability to absorb my amazing environment and draw from it  all the while being able to do so at home.

After the year of many transitions and realizations in 2012, I am making plans for new shows, additional gallery & shop representation as well as new designs.  I added three very exciting new concepts to my work last year, Silver cuffs & rings that are hand forged and oxidized to highlight the patterns from my special hammer.  These pieces each incorporate the use of brass tube rivets as a focal point to compliment the beach stones.  I repeated this concept in the up-cycled leather belt bracelets that have been so successful for me and great price point as well as a fresh new look.  I find it important to remain challenged and excited by adding new creations to my repertoire of elemental designs.  I always keep in mind how to focus on the stones that I collect from the Maine coast and how I can highlight them while staying true to my organic style.  I am happy to say that I am satisfied with 2012 production and look forward to expanding in 2013 with so  much extra time on my hands with which to focus on my work.

I will start my shows off this year with a wonderful opportunity to show my work at Craft Boston this year in April. As a juried member of the Maine Crafts Association I will be exhibiting in a large shared booth opportunity in a market that I have been anxious to connect with.  Spring will bring a flurry of activity to get ready for this show as well as getting the studio ready for an Open Studio” event to be announced soon.  January and February is full of applying for shows and creating work for spring placement in new galleries and shops that provide exciting opportunities to expose many more people to my Beach Stone Jewelry.

I am looking forward to achieving the goal of a more regimented attempt at blogging, social media and staying ahead of the curve so that I can enjoy some time to feed my creative well.  Trips to the beach to forage for just he right amazing beach stones on the Maine coast as well as gardening, kayaking and taking care of the homestead will be high priority as well.  Most of all helping my partner Pam get well and make this the year of healing from Lyme after her long 4 year battle will be a constant in each of my days.

I want to thank everyone who has supported my journey through creativity and my attempt to create a life that is rich with nature and expression through my jewelry. Please share my blog with those you feel would enjoy my work and my words!

Here’s to 2013 a year to settle into a rhythm of creativity.


Wow Factor Photos!

Finally I took the step to get some professional photos done of a few pieces and I couldn’t be happier with them!  They are not my classic, wood or stone background but they certainly highlight the jewelry in a different manner.  I have Robert Diamante to thank for these wonderful photos and I do believe that my Jury Submissions this year will be greatly enhanced by having him work his magic!

As I look back on 2011 there have been many changes in my way of thinking about how to market my work and how to reach just the right customer.  I hope to implement my new ideas in 2012 and will continue to fill The Creative Turtle with my classic work a well as some interesting designs.

There have been some great shows for me this season and I have met some wonderful fellow artists who also are making a living selling their creations.  If you have any interesting shows that you attended and think that my work might fit in, let me know!  I would love to hear from you, feedback is always welcome.

I would like to thank all of the clients and collectors who supported me by adding my work to their jewelry selections and I do hope that you feel the  spirit & energy of the coast of Maine in each and every piece that I create! Enjoy your Holidays!!