stone and the zen of the maine coast

stones and the zen of the maine coast

I am a metalsmith.

Each and every person has a different creative path, mine has been fed and nurtured by my love of being a collector. Found objects from nature, vintage finds at a flea markets and family treasures all inspire me. Patterns in the sand, stones tumbled by the rolling ocean on the rocky coast of Maine, the worn handle of an antique hammer inspire me. Rolls of recycled silver wire, thick sheet of brass, rods & pipes of copper inspire me. Bark from a tree, weavings of vintage fabric inspire me. I collect and create…I hammer and pattern…I drill and measure….I oxidize and hand polish…I share my excitement and energy with those who connect with my work.

My Father’s Daughter is who I am, a person who learns by doing. I am a soul who needs nature and animals to complete me. A passionate soul who loves to work with my hands and allows hand tools to guide me through my process. I create work that appeals to both men and women, young and older. I move metal with my antique hammers and my 150 year old anvil as a surface that allows me to reveal textures and patterns that are unique to my style. My patterns, my hammers, my visions of organic designs that are elemental, rugged and yet urban in quality. My work is not tiny or timid, not flimsy or delicate it’s energy is derived from each hammer strike and pattern. The story of each piece lies on the surface for all to see.

My intention is to create jewelry that can be worn every day, everywhere and never disappoint and become a part of you. Pieces that will compliment your own personal style as well as make a statement in their rugged simplicity. For men or for women….full of energy that is palpable. Hand crafted in Maine with strength of hand and love of process. I see myself in every piece I create, every hammer blow that creates every texture is my story, I am a metalsmith.


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I share my creative space,  with my partner & artist Pamela Creamer & our 2 rescue mixes Pedey & Lu.  Pam is a painter of all things nature and a pet portrait lover as well as a muralist for over 18 years.  Our gallery The Creative Turtle  was in Boothbay Harbor for 5 years before we chose to make a change in our life and move our creative space home.  For so many reasons working from home can be the most amazing experience.  I love to share my wonderful Maine way of life, from the vegetables & flowers in the  garden, the beautiful hens that give us the gift of eggs (and eat our ticks!) to the quiet kayak adventure on Montsweag Bay, I am truly blessed.

Our Studio is open to the public by chance or mostly by appointment. My show schedule will be a quide as to when & where my travels will take me!


Feel free to call at anytime, 207.443.4743

Dogs are always welcome to visit with you and goodies are always in supply!


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