creative balance


January is my least favorite month, but I collect my thoughts, inspirations and set some intentions for the year ahead. I’m not a goal maker as such, just a metalsmith looking to stay focused and live a life of creative balance. Here in Maine we still have snow on the ground, but with each day it’s more hopeful that the longer days and warmer weather is closer.With the hope of spring I find my spirit finally lifting. It inspires me in ways I have come to realize is just a part of the rhythm of my life.

By February this year I found my creative intention needed some expansion. I opened my field of vision to explore new possibilities. How could I follow my inspiration and incorporate new materials I have had a lifelong love for,  while staying true to my style? Stones were my answer again and again. These are not collected by me from the beaches in Maine, but come from the earth just the same. Mined and cut, shaped and polished to highlight the best details of each treasure, my purchases have been carefully made.

Fossilized corals, agates with shell fossils, gemstones translucent and dreamy with intense color….every color you can think of and then add some of them together and it’s what you get. It’s limitless what you can find and how you can use them. I’m stoked, inspired and can’t wait for the pieces that are going to come about with this new-found creative exploration.

For now I have a limited stash of stones and there are so many I’m excited to work with! I’m anxious to see how I can meld them with my signature style, never loosing sight of how I use my metalsmith techniques. I will follow my soul and make rugged jewelry that makes a statement of simple style.


Still elemental…still rugged, authentically me with patterns in the silver and some even adorned with a bit of gold. Each piece with its own energy that compliments the stones, together they are balanced, grounded and authentic. Not much different from how I make my beach stone work, still capturing that organic style to wear everywhere.

So here I go…off on an adventure to achieve the best creative balance I can. Come along for the ride and see what makes your heart sing and puts a flutter in your stomach. That feeling when you get when you know it’s a piece you are connected to, an energy that’s palpable. Check it out! 

Thanks for taking the time to read and be a part of the new release!                                    Anita

make a statement….identify your connection….feel the energy








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