Celebrate Summer!


IMG_4546As August comes to a close I am reminded of so many amazing people that have touched my life through my show travels over the years, last weekend was no exception. The American Folk Festival has been a great event for me the past 3 years. I’m able to connect with my friends and clients located down east as well as meet folks that are from many other places, even outside of Maine!

Sister of the Stone

I am forever grateful for the love and support that is shown for me, my work, as well as the connections I have with these lovely folks. It fills my heart and makes me smile knowing that these are my people, they get me….they get my work and their smiles are a reflection of how what I create brings them joy. What goes around truly does go around!



Over the weekend I had an amazing opportunity to have breakfast on Sunday with women who was ageless and full of life in her 80’s. She had ordered earrings from me several weeks before the show, unable to make the long walk through the festival we connected in person and enjoyed some coffee and Maine blueberry muffins(Jordan Marsh recipe to be exact!). Bette and her daughter Cam were a true joy to get to know.  We shared conversation about my love of creating my work, their family history and Bette’s love of big earrings, short hair and good food. We had much in common needless to say!



I am forever grateful to my roady, jewelry bitch and strong partner Pam who does all that she can to make this kind of travel and camping experiences little bit of fun and work too! Our trusty “Rivet” the Bambi Airstream means we can travel with our dogs, have our little home on wheels and enjoy the comforts of home in a 16ft camper. How lucky are we????IMG_4519

As the calendar turns to September I’ll be traveling back to Pennsylvania on the10th to be a part of the Clover Market in Chestnut Hill. Staying with Mom in PA, I get to connect with my family in PA and friends in NJ that live nearby!! These markets are full of beautifully hand crafted items and antique finds that are thoughtfully displayed and carefully curated. One day show that’s worth the trip if your in the area!

Then as the end of September and my birthday approaches I will be at the best fair ever!! Please look for me at the Common Ground Fair  September 22-24, I’ll be in my spot across from Liberty Graphics in the large craft tent, booth #45. This quite frankly is the event  I wait all year for and having it so close to my Birthday is a great reason to celebrate our awesome way of life in Maine! Hope that your summer has been grand and enjoy the last days of soft light and cool nights.                                                                                                       Warmly, Anita



Life is about the moments.


Starting to write informative, interesting and important content for a blog isn’t easy….well not for me. Whether that’s why I don’t write often or not remains to be seen. You see I’m a over thinker, bing worker, wordy at times and queen of procrastination. Honestly I’m more than that, but I’ll leave that for another time.


Let me catch you up on where my life is now….on this day of this beautiful Maine summer, as I sit on my back deck in shorts and a tank top letting the warmth of the morning wash over my exposed skin. I’m listening to my Guinea Hens and Chickens enjoy their supervised back yard time (keeping a close eye for the Fox who has decided that all make nice meals) and watching our dogs Pedey & Lu guard the deck from Chipmunks. Pam is sitting next to me organizing requests for her Garlic orders from our Forever Garlic Farm, a labor of both love and passion for the almighty 1200 heads of Organic(no not MOFGA certified, but her version) that she so lovingly grew this year. Life is good….well quite frankly it’s “The way life should be” as those who live here in Maine like to say.

Grand Lake Stream 2017

Greatest T ever by Ashley Webber Designs!

As for my creative life this summer has been busy filled with great shows and events that I have enjoyed not only for the camaraderie of my fellow artisans and makers, but for the connections I have made with amazing new folks that are my peeps. Yes my lovely and cherished collectors have graced me with adding to their collections of jewelry as well. I am forever grateful for every single personal connection I have made with so many men & women who understand my style. They crave it’s simplicity, rugged style and textural identity in a way that I do. These are my tribe and the reason I do what I do….I live a grateful life.



As the summer ticks away I have been taking time to fill my creative well whenever I can. I have chosen me, the me that needs to be out in my kayak, the me that needs to spend mornings at the edge of the bay on Montsweag and feel the warmth of the sun and store every moment for the long winter months ahead. I have attempted to balance my work (binge or not) with moments of time spent watering our gardens, on the water fishing ( caught 5 striper yesterday, a record for me) in my kayak with Pam who continues to show her strength in year 8 of her Lyme treatment and is my true hero for her tenacity and attitude toward healing. Any moment I can I visit our Little Lockwood Grands, I still can’t believe how quickly time passes! Holden is 5, Finn(the Fighter) is 3 and Florence is 9 months, these 3 are pure joy and are living life with parents that are showing them what being responsible, nature loving active humans should be. I am forever grateful for their free range life that allows them to experience love, life and exploration the way all children should be.


It has become abundantly clear that my mantra has become “life is about moments”. Whether captured in an image or not the experiences that fills the well and makes your heart soar for even a fleeting moment. I am learning to step back and chose me with no regrets and an open heart. It leads to a path of clarity, joy and creativity that can only make for a fuller life….it’s only taken me 57 years to figure it out, but then again numbers don’t determine age right?


Details: Upcoming show listings are on my website. My home studio is open by appointment when I’m not at shows. Garlic from the farm will be ready in about a week for sale and the stripers should still be around until the beginning of September so I’ll be in the water when I can. Make the most of the rest of your summer folks…..it’s all about the moments! peace out Anita