Let’s Celebrate!


Let’s Celebrate Finn’s 2nd Birthday!

Today is an amazing day! It’s Finn Lockwood’s 2nd Birthday and a milestone for  this little CHD toddler. No longer a baby, Finn has moved into the his toddler years with joyful exuberance and sustained heart health. There could be nothing better than to celebrate the day with organic Carrot Cake cupcakes made by his Grammy Pammy, party hats for us all, gifts and time spent together with Finn, his older brother Holden, and his Mom & Dad.

Perfect day all around……oh and then there’s the little donation we mailed today to the Children’s Heart Foundation in Finn’s honor. Yes it was a big day for Finn and for CHD research, as well as my immense joy in being able to pay it forward. I held the checks, Finn held the Heart Strength Necklaces that I created to raise money and we laughed, we rejoiced and gave thanks for all of you that made this happen.

Well beyond my goal, well beyond my expectation, well beyond what I could have imagined could happen on social media….a total of $5,650 was raised from sales in my February fund raising campaign. Yep….we did that!

As Anita Roelz of Circle Stone Designs, I created a line of jewelry that will continue to give back. I have added Heart Strength Designs to my CSD website and I will make Heart Strong pieces all year long. I committ to give 30% of the gross proceeds of the sale of every Heart Strength creation to the Children’s Heart Foundation until January 31, 2017.


So the creating of heart jewelry  will continue, the money raised will still be donated for CHD research and Finn will continue to grow. I’ll keep you informed with has progress and this Finn the Fighter will march through his life and all of his family will be with him every step of the way. Thank you for your support and giving hearts. ❤
Grateful Heart Hugs to you all.  Anita


6 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate!

  1. Hello Anita,
    Happy Birthday to Finn!!
    What a great thing your are doing. Your an amazing woman❤️
    Give Pam my love ❤️
    Need to order #5
    For my honey!!
    She wants a long chain, please guide me on this.
    We are in Minneapolis on our way to Los Angeles to visit our babies!
    Let me know what to do next.

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