Love…Hearts…Grateful Times.


Heart Strength Necklace #3

First…the details!!

The inqiuiries are rolling in and the curiosity about the next Heart Strong Necklace has lifted me up during this bone chilling time in Maine. It gives me warmth and excitement right down in my soul! So I present Heart Strong Necklace #3! This pendant is hand forged sterling silver, hanging on a 30″ stainless ball chain. Rugged and organic it’s a lovely and happy shaped heart. Each one of these shaped pendants in the numbered series of 10 is hand sawed from sterling silver, hand hammered with my cherished antique hammers to create the pattern work that makes for such an interesting and urban style. I oxidize each one and hand polish with steel wool for a great reveal of the texture. This one is actually the same weight as #1 just a different shape….oh the beauty of the maleability of silver is just so awesome! Heart Strong Necklace #3 is selling for $125, same as before 100% of proceed of the numbered edition of 10 will go directly to the Children’s Hear Foundation. Email me for details on how to get your special necklace!

Second…Heart Strength Necklaces delivered!

I am beyond grateful to have shared some time with amazing ladies, my Sisters of the Stone, who were the first to answer my call to action in raising money for the Children’s Heart Foundation. They have graced me with support and love of my work for over the 6 years I have been making jewelry and evolving as an artist. My first pendant made it to it’s home on Saturday and it was a great feeling. With heartfelt love it went to a woman who has known challenges in her life, yet is resilient and strong, much like the little heart patients I am raising money for. This woman is a sister that Pam and I hold very close to our hearts. The second a gift from a husband to a wife for Valentines, these lovely friends who share our love of children, grandchildren & dogs have been kind supporters and friends for years. The power of social media is the catalyst for connections in the most amazing of ways! Another husband who recognized the significance of these hearts and loves his wife with all of his heart gifted the Brass design #2 necklace! It made it to a special location…my hometown of Moorestown, NJ. Our amazingly lovely friends who we share our love of all things Maine have kindly supported and loved all that Pam and I are and do. I thank you all, you ladies are my rocks!!

Third….the sharing!

Thanks to all who have shared with others as the stories are pouring into my inbox & FB messages. I am hearing about their own journies and those of their loved ones, how someone dear to them has been effected by CHD and how they want to help. Never underestimate the power of that one share and showing you care, it spreads the word and allows the stories to be told. So please even if you don’t know someone directly effected by a Congenital Heart Defect there is someone out there that does!  1.3 million children are born with a CHD each year. To learn more about the Children’s Heart Foundation take a moment and read and share, it’s for the children. On Facebook Children’s Heart Foundation  like their page and share and spread the love!


Ebstein’s Anomaly Heart Model Finn the Fighter

Fourth…Valentines Day joy!

The glow of Valentine’s Day is still with me this morning, grateful for every moment of the day celebrating love.

It was a great visit with Finn and the Little Lockwoods yesterday. The climbing gym in Scarborough called Salt Pump has become a most amazing place for excercise, fun and learning so many lessons in self awareness for the wee ones,(for that matter the adults too) that it’s a regular routine during these bitter cold times in Maine. Watching the family work as a unit and enjoy being active is what I refer to as a “heart swell”, a time when my heart just feels as though it’s overflowing with love and admiration for their journy to keeping Finn strong and enjoying his normal toddler life with his brother Holden. Both boys are just like all of the kids at the gym, climbing their highest and challenging themselves to go beyond the comfortable limits. Life lessons for all!  It’s a bonus when Pam and I together can make the trip to spend time with the boys, it’s a win all around. Valentine’s day was perfect this year!


Fifth…..dollars, supply & demand!

My hands are willing to create these beautiful hearts, but my studio is a cold nightmare here in Maine so I’m doing my best to keep up with the demand. I will work this week on filling the orders for the hearts that I have committments for. To date I have received $1,000 in donations for necklaces!! YES!!!!!  Heart Strong Necklace #4 will be introduced next Monday, then it’s time to make sure you have gotten your choice to me and the checks for donations for delivery. I will be so excited to send out all of the checks made out directly to the Children’s Heart Foundation so they can know each and everyone of you has supported this cause in the name of Finn Sawyer Lockwood. You will be giving the gift of research dollars for the children who are faced with all of the different life threatening diseases of the heart. As always I am grateful for your support and love of this most worthy cause!


To read about the work that Boston Children’s Hospital is doing for the children with cardiac issues check out this video.



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