Heart Strong & Paying it Forward


 Heart Strong Necklace

February is Heart Health month, specifically for my family it’s CHD or Congenital Heart Defect awareness month. 22 months ago our second Granchild was born, Finn Sawyer Lockwood. I was honored with being present for both Granboy’s births and for little Finn I arrived just in the nick of time to witness the beauty of his arrival.

At day 10 of his new little life Finn had an episode that would change the path of all of our family and one that no parent wants for their child. In an emergency situation Finn was transported and admitted to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit in Boston Children’s Hospital. His diagnosis was Ebstein’s Anomaly along with SVT which caused an abnormal heart rhythm. A truly frightening experience and one that would test the strength of this Little Lockwood Family for 10 days when Finn finally came home to his new reality, he had a congenital heart defect.

His first year was joyous and amazing, yet for his parents it was also full of the normal anxiety of dispensing medications to keep his heart beating at the correct rythym. Living a life focused on medications, heart monitors and echocardiograms on a regular basis was not easy for his parents, but they managed it with strength and Finn was a champ. He was able to be medication free after his first Birthday and to this day remains strong and steady in his growth! His words multiply daily and his spirit is that of any child his age, with an active family and older Brother.


The fact that he will someday have surgery, or several is his reality. This abnormality is not something a child outgrows, but the stronger he becomes and the older he gets puts his body in a better place to be able to have a good outcome. This tenacious little Finn the Fighter has a big spirit and a loving and amazing life ahead of him!

Feeling the love and watching the support during their time of need makes you realize how it truly does take a village to get through life’s difficulties. It also reminds you that giving back & supporting a cause close to your heart is an important part of paying it forward.

This February I have chosen to support the Children’s Heart Foundation in Finn’s honor and will donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale of a new heart pendant every Monday in the month of February. That’s 5 different hearts that I will make with my own hands, with the hopes that I will raise money to fund “…the most promising research for Congenital Heart Defects” and if there is anything that can help the children suffering it’s research!

The first Heart Strong #1 pendant is rugged and thick 2 1/4″ long and 3/4″ wide hand cut & hand forged oxidized sterling silver that represents the true spirit of my little Grandboy Finn the Fighter! It hangs on a 30″ long thick oxidized sterling silver snake chain and is selling for $150.

Remember this is for the children!! “Through mid 2015, The Children’s Heart Foundation has contributed an astounding $7.4 million toward 62 revolutionary congenital heart defect (CHD) research studies. As the country’s leading organization solely committed to CHD research funding, CHF dedicates itself to bringing health, hope and happiness to children and families impacted by a CHD.”

So here we go folks, contact me to purchase this necklace, my gift in Finn’s honor! Stay tuned for next week’s Heart Strong #2 creation and please remember the joy of giving is truly an honor. Pay if forward!!

Hunny Finn’s Grandmother

FullSizeRender 12





2 thoughts on “Heart Strong & Paying it Forward

  1. Good morning, I love the heart! But, I want to wait to see them all before I purchase😉. Will that work?? Hope all is well, we are enjoying Florida 🌞🌴

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hello Alice!! I hope that you and Frank are enjoying Florida! I am happy to do a heart just for you, I hadn’t intended on doing more than one of each design, but then when you see the reaction and willingness of so many to purchase in a way to donate 100% to CHD research, well how can I say no?? So that being said take a look the the other 3 I will be posting and we can allow you to decide after that. My last heart will be an auctioned piece so it’s bidding only that will find that heart it’s home.
      Again how can I not be ecstatic over this kind of response?? I’m over the moon grateful!! ❤ ❤ Anita

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