Circles of Strength



Let’s be clear, I am inspired by so much at times I feel my head wants to explode, yet I always come back to a shape that feels just right…the circle. A circle has so many meanings that of strength, one of protection, equality and the cycle of life to death to rebirth come to mind. I find that the emotion of strength is the guiding light in my designs. Yes I even went to far as to have my strength tattooed on my neck, it’s a reminder to me to focus on it’s energy and stay focused.


Placing a stone within a circle gave me the signature piece that has guided me through the years of my creative journey. Your eye is drawn to the beach stone, on the color, pattern and shape, feel the energy, it’s balanced like the circle.

Now in addition I make circles and connect them, hang them in groupings together in various ways and sizes. However I place them in relation to each other they can be interpreted as strong, rugged and interesting with patterns and made from round wire, another circle, I make into a circle. Simple is best, elemental is strong and rugged and stands the test of time as does the circle, think sun, moon, earth, the seasons.


Connections, life is all about them. Who you might cross paths with, who might reach out and find you, who you might help along on their path in life, I’ve been very grateful for these. Connect the circles and you get more strength. Add a square and you have a different kind of balance!


So to start the new year of 2016 I pay homage to the circle of life, love, strength and it’s connections. I will continue to incorporate these circles in my designs, along with other shapes to complement them, contrast them and create work that will stand the test of time. After all what better symbol than the one that goes round and round is there in life?



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