Energy Exchange

It’s the exciting time of year in Maine when we look to the ground to display the energy and sprouting of the spring flowers and our first heads of garlic in the vegetable garden to reveal their greens. As I wait for nature to expose it’s new bounty of beauty, I have been busy creating new work as well as widening my view and perspective of my scope and designs. I do all this with the intent to connect with my collectors, both men and women who find my work has the elemental appeal and are drawn to the organic energy that lies within each creation.

Metal and hammers, anvil and other antique tools guide my hand through the process of designing my work. I have attempted to create work that will appeal strongly to men, to allow them to adorn themselves with metals that are expressive through patterns and shapes and filled with energy that is palpable. I find that these designs appeal to women as well, women who also are drawn to the energy, not intimidated by the scale or pattern and in chosing to make these pieces part of their collections these women are making statements about themselves. Strong, rugged souls with many stories as well as young energetic people who long for simplicity and individual character all are connected to me, to my work and in turn to the tools that create my work. Exchange of energy in the most valuable way.

Part of being a working metalsmith means reaching my collectors by shows & travel.  This year allowed me to open myself to areas of the country that I haven’t exhibited before, venues that are new for me and filled with artistic energy. Three arts shows in the Chicago area will be a great adventure for me, as well as the two folk festivals, one in Maine and one in Massachusetts. I love music and adventure so I will be filling my soul with both this summer.

My journey this year will make me work the hardest I ever have, with the most travel and shows I have ever done with the hopes of adding many more realtionships to my life. Connections to my people & collectors as well as meeting new artists is going to be an exciting time. So here I go with the love and support of my family and friends on another year’s adventure as  Circle Stone Designs, taking with me my special Maine stones and pounded metal and love of nature’s energy everywhere I go.

For my list of shows check out my website!! Hope to you see you somewhere down the road.




Fish Hook Leather Wrap Bracelet

Fish Hook Leather Wrap Bracelet

Whale Bone Leather Necklace

Whale Bone Leather Necklace


2 thoughts on “Energy Exchange

  1. So many new pieces and the strength of the stone…it’s going to be a very good (and fun!) year!!! Thanks so much for bringing it all to us!!!!! ~ Daphne

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