Social Media Rocks


I have always learned lessons by taking action. As you might expect this works in my favor sometimes and at times it does not. Sharing my work, my love, my process through social media has been a blast and growing my audience has always been a goal. I trusted in my inner voice and that of my mentors, friends, family and oh so savy son-in-law to take the leap to promote myself in order to reach a broader audience. All I had to do was ask, well it worked. I have to thank all of those who stepped up with their support, it’s what we do follow those who have value and something to offer.

As for following rules, well I might not buy into that entirely. You will find me a bit wordy at times, ( a no-no in social media) as well as sharing my personal opinions, (don’t worry no politicking here), but I will let you know how I do truly feel. This all being a part of my entire process of creating work that has meaning, substance and love in it. Yes I am truly vested in what I have chosen to do and believe that if you put forth work that is passtionate your audience will connect to you and your art, sometimes you just need a little help to get the word out there. 

I encourage you to support artists, crafters, artisans and creators of beauty, we appreciate it, rely on it and it allows us to know that we are on the right track. Oh and we might actually make a living at what we are doing, the ultimate challenge of every person who choses to live by what is made by their hand and tools of their trade.  So like, follow, comment and engage in those people you find interesting, some of the best relationships are developed through sharing of information. Go for it what do you have to lose, in my experience there is more to gain from every aspect!