New Circle Stone Designs Website

Time is ticking away as the opening of the gallery is just around the corner.  I wish I could say I have made great progress on all of the things that I set out to complete this winter, but as I always say, “it is what it is” so that being said I am very proud of what I have accomplished.  Circle Stone Designs is now live and is ready to make it’s first sales!  I do still have to load all of the pictures and jewelry pics so I have to exercise some patience, but with some more time I should be able to get things up and finished in the next week.  I have also embarked on a new path in design of a new leather bracelets with beach stones & made from recycled belts.  Check back soon for new pics, in the mean time this is a nice stone in one of my classic Circle Stone necklaces that is available on my website.  Time is ticking so I am off to rest for the night and look forward to tomorrow being another creative day filled with accomplishments!!

Red Granite Circle Stone Necklace


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