Spring Exploration on the coast of Maine!




I have felt the draw for quite some time now to get myself to the coast to gather some inspiration and April 13-14 was just the right time.  If there is anything that I have learned is that it is necessary to seize the moment when it comes to hunting for just the right stones for my jewelry.  The right temperature, tide and day of the week seem to all play a role!  I was without my usual companions, my partner Pamela and our beloved Weims Jasmine & Stone.  Stone passed away the beginning of March, at the age of 12, in front of our wood stove in a very peaceful way. We miss him dearly and our lives will never be the same, it’s always been the 4 of us on the adventures. So this time I ventured out completely alone and had time for some contemplative thoughts.

Once again I found myself in my 3 favorite spots, each time for hours to enjoy the sounds, smells and sights of the coast of Maine, this time in complete solitude. I spent many hours over my 2 days picking up each individual beach stone with great care so as not to take what I would not use.  This has become more important to me with each trip I take no matter where I am.  This natural resource is so precious and I honor and am thankful for what mother earth provides for me in choices.  My eye for the right stones is becoming more trained as is my connection to each piece that I chose to pick up.

I stayed at a lovely Inn and although I only slept in the bed one night, was very thankful for the large tub that soaked my back that evening!! I have been diligent about by body posture since going to physical therapy and did a great job bending and stooping to pick up each stone.  A special thanks to Matt & Bobby at Coastal Orthopedics for the lessons in body strength and position, it really does work!

Upon my return I have spent quite a bit of time organizing my work and designing new displays, so that all of my Beach Stone Treasures are going to be highlighted in a very thoughtful way.  Here is a preview of what I have created and will be using in The Creative Turtle, as well as the shows I have been lucky enough to be juried into for this upcoming season.  My first trip will be up to Archipelago the end of this week and we will see how they work out there. I am very excited to blend the warmth of the Birch Wood with the organic & raw style of my jewelry, I feel it truly gives my work the energy it has when it is worn by a person, as the wood has it’s own wonderful warm energy.

If you have a chance take a look at the new website, I have added quite a bit of work and am excited about it’s new format!  Circle Stone Designs is finally becoming the site that I have strived for all year!




Juried Art, Design & Craft Shows for 2012

I have just updated my show schedule and am very excited to have added several shows to my list!!  I am honored to be juried into these shows and will look forward to connecting with new clients and collectors who have been so kind in their support of my work.  Check out the following links to see what show you might be able to attend and make sure that you stop by to say hi!!  Subscribe to my blog and I will give you 10% off your purchase at any show you purchase my work from.  This list will be growing so be sure to check out the blog and website for updates!!

Here is the list as it is today:

June 29-July 1, Maine Home & Design Show, Camden, Maine

July 21-22, Blue Hill Fine Craft Show. Blue Hill, Maine

September 8-9, Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival. Wells, Maine

September 15-16, Fall in the Village Art & Music Festival. Freeport, Maine

September 21-23, Common Ground Fair. Unity, Maine

November 9-10, The Gifted Hand. Ellsworth, Maine

November 16-18, Artful Gifts. Northport, Maine

New Circle Stone Designs Website

Time is ticking away as the opening of the gallery is just around the corner.  I wish I could say I have made great progress on all of the things that I set out to complete this winter, but as I always say, “it is what it is” so that being said I am very proud of what I have accomplished.  Circle Stone Designs is now live and is ready to make it’s first sales!  I do still have to load all of the pictures and jewelry pics so I have to exercise some patience, but with some more time I should be able to get things up and finished in the next week.  I have also embarked on a new path in design of a new leather bracelets with beach stones & made from recycled belts.  Check back soon for new pics, in the mean time this is a nice stone in one of my classic Circle Stone necklaces that is available on my website.  Time is ticking so I am off to rest for the night and look forward to tomorrow being another creative day filled with accomplishments!!

Red Granite Circle Stone Necklace