Coastal Maine Botanical Garden Christmas Market

It is time once again when we are busy making lists and checking them twice.  A busy time for those  who create and those who must purchase meaningful gifts for those we love. So many choices of where to shop and what to buy.

As the time ticks away to holiday gift giving I hope the each of you will think about supporting local artisans when you purchase that a special something.  Each of us will be thrilled that you are giving a piece of art that we have created and the person you give your hand crafted gift to will appreciate the sentiment in supporting the arts.  Next weekend I will have the joy of being one of the selected artists at the Christmas Market at the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine.  I hope that if you have the time or are in the area that you will stop by to see what some of the interesting artisans in Maine have handcrafted for this holiday season.  I know that I will be thrilled to share my hand forged silver and beach stone creations with you.  Hope to see you there!! 10-3pm Dec 10th.


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