Giving thanks for so much and my website update!!

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After a wonderful Artful Gifts show at Point Lookout in Northport on November 18-20th I have finally gotten a large group of new work posted on my website.  This is no easy task as any artist will attest too, since we would all rather be creating rather than working on photos and uploads etc.., but this is such a necessary part of doing business these days and I am so thankful to be done, for now.

Thanksgiving at our home was a wonderful time, a small gathering but full of love since we have a daughter who is expecting in late May!!  Lots of food and a great time for the 5 of us, well the fifth was kind of quiet in his little womb. 🙂 It just reminds me again to cherish each and every moment that passes so quickly!

The next show that I will be exhibiting is at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden for the Christmas Market on December 10th.  A  beautiful location and a wonderful holiday tradition for the gardens.  Hope to see you there, since the Botanical Garden will be decorated and the grounds are still open, so why not take advantage of this weather and amazing location so enjoy!

Check out the website images at, look at the jewelry link for the new creations! In the mean time I am reminded to be thoughtful this holiday season and buy local and support small business and artisans so that you can give the gift of original handmade gifts and we can keep our businesses going through the long winter months! A win-win situation for us all!!


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